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From The Desk Of Librarian

The libraries at each of the campuses have spacious reading halls, periodical centres, group discussion rooms and online database browsing areas.The GOBINDAPUR SEPHALI MEMORIAL POLYTECHNIC  libraries offer a wide range of materials in a variety of formats—from traditional books to fresh books and serials to civil,mechanical,electrical, and multimedia and networked information from around the world. Highly skilled staff assists students to use the local collections and find information on specific topics.Some facilities at a glance:

1. Reading Room:-Students and Faculty members can use the well-furnished Reading Room for reading books, periodicals, journals in calm and Comfortable environment.
2. Library Stock:-There is a large stock of books, reference, periodicals, journals for ready reference to the students and faculty members.
3. Reprographic Facilities:-Reprographics Facilities are available in the library for the students and Faculty Members.
4.Digitalization: access of E-Book from E-Library