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The subjects is introduced in Higher Secondary level. In this subject students are taught how to maintain and repair electrical appliances and electrical machine how to connect electrical circuits and repairing minor or major faults in the circuits and motor rewinding both theoretically and practically. So by learning this subjects students are able to earn of their own by practicing such learning. We know, the universe consists of five big natural energy sources like Water, Land, Air, Fire & Space. The Sixth important energy developed by human is called “Electricity”. In this modern world, for our day to day life the electricity plays a vital role. Simply to say, even man lives without food but not lives without Electricity. Because in our life, the electrical goods play an important role. Hence the students must know about this sources and how it is applied. Electricity is one type of energy. all matter whether solid, liquid or, gaseous consists of minute particles know as Atoms. According to modern Research electric current means flow of electron. So we need to know about the Atom.


Electrical engineers use these core principles along with tools like:

  •     Power System.
  •     Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments.
  •     Microprocessors.
  •     Switch Gear and its Protection
  •     Transmission & Distribution System.
  •     Circuit Theory
  •     Electrical Machine
  •     Electrical Technology
  •     Programable Logic Controller Lab