Language Lab

The need for eloquence in English is of prime importance when it comes to securing successful employment. Fluency in English is of prime importance for the industry, and being fluent enough increases your chance to secure a position in domestic or global industries.

The GSMP language laboratories aims at offering proper communicative skills in English to fortify self-confidence and to make our students industry-oriented. Keeping in mind the overall development, being able to communicate well in English becomes a living necessity these days. Our language laboratories are equipped with all the necessary software that aids the desire for learning proper communicative English and vocabulary ability. Our software is intended to not only help our students be competent in speaking but also robust enough to understand the language with ease.

Our college language laboratory holds Orell Digital Language Lab Software that offers the following features:

  • High-end laboratories with user consoles for every individual to promote 1:1 student interaction (30-seater).
  • An air-conditioned environment along with seminar hall arrangement.
  • Multimedia support.
  • Advanced tools to support the improvement of linguistic competence along with soft skill development.
  • Grabs maximum teacher attention.

Besides, we also offer attention to the need for soft skill development. Having quality grooming on soft skills will help the students leaving a positive impact on the recruiter and will assist in increasing their chance to secure successful employment in this competitive position of industries. The GSMP language laboratories also allow quality interaction between the student and teacher in the required language.

The machines and software are of updated versions  that aids proper learning and teaching. We support interactive sessions that help our students gain confidence. We support the desire to interact in English with other students and the teacher, that helps in getting a better hold on the language.