A comfortable stay within the college campus is the most desired thing students seek about. Fortunately GSMP stands out the expectation of Hostel_within campus to aid quality learning. We offer all the amenities that are required for a comfortable residence along with proper protection. Our separate college hostels for boys and girls are protected under 24X7 CCTV surveillance and under the constant supervision of the wardens and matrons. GSMP hostel with playground and multi-gym facility offer a friendly living atmosphere.

We offer –

  • Separate college hostels for boys and girls are well-equipped with individual multi-gymnasium.
  • Annual sports events.
  • Arrangement for basketball, cricket, volleyball, football and similar games inside the college campus.
  • Arrangement of necessary amenities separately for boys and girls.

The whole campus of GSMP along with the hostel are backed up by 24X7 power supply and Wi-Fi facilities that support learning and research at the comfort of the hostels. Besides, our hostels also have access to separate gymnasiums for boys and girls along with the cafeteria and playground.